Terrible Two’s.

In this blog, I discuss the curious phenomenon of 'Terrible Twos", which in a nutshell is that bit where your child becomes a bit of a knob. The year was 2016. My wife and I huddled together on the sofa in a dimly lit room, the occasional nervous sip of wine from trembling glass' in... Continue Reading →


2 Years – 2 Kids, what have I learned?

At the beginning of my 2nd daughter’s stay on this planet, I started up my very own Dad blog so that I could share my mostly joyous experiences, coupled with the occasional despairs (Ok, it was mostly me moaning about things). But thinking back, it could perhaps have been some sort of coping mechanism, a... Continue Reading →


I read somewhere that on average, people who start writing a blog will usually knock it on the head within 3 months. But after a few successful posts and a healthy flow of traffic, I was not only going to buck that trend, I was going to take my blog to the next level and... Continue Reading →

Being so tired you’re worried you might die. 

I had insomnia in my mid twenties, and that's the actual, clinical, real life Edward Norton in fight club insomnia, not the kind where people just update their Facebook status because they're up past 2am on a Tuesday-insomnia, big difference. A combination of bad life choices regarding money and women, coupled with a crushing realisation... Continue Reading →

Moth€r$ Day.

In this weeks blog, I moan a lot about things people enjoy. No real parenting tips either. Or funny bits for that matter, just me moaning about nice things. I hope you like it. I struggle with Mother's Day, the same way I do with Fathers Day, Valentine's Day and sending cards to each other for... Continue Reading →

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