Moth€r$ Day.

In this weeks blog, I moan a lot about things people enjoy. No real parenting tips either. Or funny bits for that matter, just me moaning about nice things. I hope you like it. I struggle with Mother's Day, the same way I do with Fathers Day, Valentine's Day and sending cards to each other for... Continue Reading →


Feeding Time: I’ll be under the table if you need me.

One kid is a challenge, so the logic is that two children will be doubly as tough; (👶🏻 + 👱🏻‍♀️ = 👶🏻👱🏻‍♀️)👍🏻 It's only when you're sat in the middle of two girls screaming at you for entirely different reasons do you realise that this theory is a crock of shit, and the difficulty level... Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Photo Shoot.

The risk of being dragged off to do a professional photo shoot is never more present than when you have small children. I would say this period of code red extends from 2 weeks to 3 years old. Everyone loves a baby photo, parents, grandparents, even I can admit that since I've had my own,... Continue Reading →

Parenting: How drunk is too drunk? 

In this segment, we'll discuss alcoholism and parenting. Both are incredibly rewarding, but can they both be done at the same time? **SPOILER ALERT** Yes they can! I'm not talking about chavvy daytime drinking, where you pick up some tins and head to the nearest swings with the fam' every time the weather is nice.... Continue Reading →

Child Birth. 

"It was the best day of my life" Bollocks.  Any man that says the above, or anything similar regarding child birth is a liar. Either that or their experience was so terrible, their subconscious has blocked out all of the horrors, replacing them with a romanticised view of events. That makes these said men rose-tinted... Continue Reading →


WARNING: If you are reading this at the dinner table STOP. Not because this is overly vile, it's just bad manners - put the phone down whilst you eat, you addict. On a serious note, this is a bit gross.  Women measure all things newborn in numerical terms. How many weeks, how much did baby weigh,... Continue Reading →

Indroduction: So I made a blog….

Since the birth of my daughter in January, a variety of people have suggested that I should write a blog about my experiences of parenthood. At first, my response was along the lines of 'nah you're alright', as it is with most things that require effort. That aside, the idea of spouting my brain farts... Continue Reading →

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