Indroduction: So I made a blog….

Since the birth of my daughter in January, a variety of people have suggested that I should write a blog about my experiences of parenthood. At first, my response was along the lines of ‘nah you’re alright’, as it is with most things that require effort. That aside, the idea of spouting my brain farts into a recorded searchable document that any potential future employers could easily access, did not appeal. 
But then someone told me a successful blog can be MONETISED 😍😍 (please like and share). And after a little bit of digging, I’ve soon discovered that there are awards for this kind of thing, with successful ‘Dad bloggers’ doing it full time, their Instagram accounts littered with posts about free stuff and fancy possessions. Sign me up!

Also, I’ll probably write most of my entries whilst I’m at work at, so it’s win win all round.  

So here we are. This is me and my tales of being a Dad, which will no doubt sometimes cross over into rants about things I find stupid, like cricket or Christmas cards. 

Some of this stuff will be retrospect at first, as of the time of writing, I’ve almost survived the first 8 weeks of the dreaded newborn phase. As has my daughter, Dahlia, who is a magical little sack of smiles and chub. Here she is being all adorable and stuff; 

There are two other characters in my little functional family that will feature heavily, my long suffering (but entirely beautiful) fiancé Aims, and my wonderful step daughter, Faith. She’s a real handful, but we’ll get to her another time.

And there you have it. That’s the introduction blog done. A mediocre attempt that lacks any real depth, I hope you liked it. Feel free to send me praise and/or money. 



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